Carlos Franco is an experienced marketer focused on cultivating relationships and expanding business.

What makes me Culture-Fluent?


1. The ability to step outside of your social identity to connect with another.

2. Bring people together, across cultures, generations, and experiences to thrive together

I love to learn and share; I invent myself and reinvent myself! I spend my free time helping people and figuring how to best harness their talents and faults. In return I invest in myself. After all, our experiences inspire and empower us. As a result, I have an innate sensibility to be spontaneous and try new things like surfing and learning Korean. It is all about the human experience and how we decide to embrace life.
Have an Adventure, Go Beyond Awesome.

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Some of my skills

Microsoft Office 365

Power Poiint

Client Budget Oversight
Team Management
Creative Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Strategy and Consumer Journey

Adobe Creative Suite

Premier Pro



Web and Social Tools

CMS + Web Development
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook and Instragram Ads
YouTube Studio
Survey Monkey

Professionally, I'm an

Experienced Marketer

brands Carlos Franco worked with

With over a decade of marketing experience, I’ve had the pleasure of not only representing different brands, but connecting with their audience. The Culture-Fluent mantra allows me to see things through the consumer point of view.

I must admit that our success was not a result of me alone, but the great efforts of a team willing to give everything we have to thrive. 

Much of my experience comes from working with advertising agencies. My role has usually been in account services, a client liaison of the agency, where communicating efficiently with the client and ensuring tasks were done on time, with quality, and on budget is crucial. I love working all of the different departments, from creative (graphic designers and copywriters), to video production, digital and media teams, the brand activation and PR teams, and the strategy department to name a few.

I understand that my colleagues in each department think differently. The creatives are proud to show a client something unique and aesthetically pleasing. Digital and media teams enjoy getting the most bang from the allocated budget, and the PR teams knows the value of good (and sometimes bad) publicity. My responsibility is to allow the team to perform their best while keeping our brand strategy, client concerns, and external market factors in mind.

Marketing and advertising is broad

Cultivating Relationships and
Expanding Business

Although marketing and advertising encompass so many things, I’ve distilled it to cultivating relationships and expanding business. This is why apart from account services, my role has evolved to specialize in a way that allows me to exercise my affinity for diverse culture and personalities toward expanding business opportunities.

With much of society and business going digital, one avenue of marketing that is still done on a handshake is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate manager I have connect with people of all different walks of life and niche interests. I reached out to Youtube influencers, incentive-based websites, and well-written bloggers to promote my clients. From classic american brands like Barbasol, to foreign brands debuting in the States like Dorco, I aim to help my team and clients grow together.

I feel that being culture-fluent is essential to both my business and personal life approach. As a result, I seek and feel most fulfilled when I help bring people together across culture, generations, and experiences.

Personal Strengths

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Never Giving Up

My spark for life combines optimism and strategy to get through challenges

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Being Different

Going with the flow is just the safest option, but safe doesn’t break ground

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Rallying the Troops

Worthy challenges are not easy, they’re also not done alone

Words from teams I've worked with

What others say about Carlos Franco

“Endurance is not just the ability to bare a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”

Alfred Lansing

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage